Fantastic Architectural Photography

Commercial, Hospitality or Residential Property Photography

A Verbal consultation regarding the commercial, hospitality or residential property that you have to be photographed. We then arrange a time best suited to you for me to come and photograph your project. We always use professional architectural lenses and full frame cameras along with professional studio lighting. Post photographic shoot, We use the latest editing softwares to personally edit the photography myself.  All photographs are then supplied to yourself and your client digitally both ready for print or internet use.

Ground Based Elevated Mast Photography

Capture a different perspective - A view from above

Here at LPR we have what is know in the business as a ground based elevated mast. This extends 9 metres high with the camera at the top. This can then rotate or pan up and down to capture a property from a different perspective. This can be very useful to show the grounds a property sits in, or its location in relation to surrounding areas. This is especially useful for planning applications and property development.

Food and Product Photography

Taking your venue or project to the next level - We can do this

The project you have in mind might consist of a complete package for promotional use. This could be a new venture or a re-launch, either way you may require more than just your property photographed. To save you finding another photographer to cover the other areas you may have to promote such as food or products, we can capture this for you as well. Using our studio lighting and experience in this area, every area of promoting your project is covered.


Commercial Photography

Residential Photography